Angelus SUEDE Dye & Dressing 89ml - Dark Brown

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Product Information

To dye suede bags, footwear and other small surfaces, use Angelus Suede.  Suede is basically the inside of the leather, and unlike smooth leather, the fabric is soft with a distinct fibrous texture. Because of this special quality, you need to use special suede dye for this fabric. Suede dye is most effective for this material as it penetrates into the fibres of suede leather. 

Applying Angelus Suede Dye 

Applying Suede dye is slightly different from dyeing smooth leather with regular leather paint. This is because you do not apply a layer of paint to the leather, but instead a dye to the fibres of the leather. When using Angelus Suede Dye, it is best to follow these steps:

  • Brush the suede to remove dust particles and other dirt.
  • Apply the first layer of suede dye evenly with the cotton ball provided.
  • Make sure not to apply too much dye at once, as it will not be absorbed well by the suede and may start to peel off.
  • Apply subsequent coats, after letting the first coat dry, until the desired result is achieved.
  • Before using the suede item, we recommend allowing the last applied layer to dry for 24 hours.

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